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As children, we dreamt of becoming explorers, to discover and uncover things that existed only in our minds.
Today that creativity remains and we apply it to everything we do.
Our mission, together with your organization, is to discover, design and launch IT solutions that make a positive impact on your business.

At Stellium we believe everything is possible, and it’s not "rocket science".


Our passion for technology drives our client’s success.

We are Stellium. Our passion and curiosity make us strive for excellence: we ask questions, we look at things from a different point of view, we believe that everything is possible, and we realize the vision and goals of our clients using our experience and creativity.

At Stellium we deeply believe in our values and we ensure that everyone that joins our crew does too. You won’t find a more passionate and goal driven team of professionals anywhere else, not even on other planets! Trust us, we did our exploration.

We aim for our client’s success and strive for its achievement.

We want to be the leader in creative IT consulting and transform the way consulting is perceived and delivered for the benefits of our clients: quality, transparency, commitment and passion are the values that drive us to reaching this vision.

Our crew is our core: feeling fulfilled in what you do everyday, and knowing why you do it is key. We aim at being the best employer for people that seek to unlock their potential.

New World

Our mission is to make our client’s future - the present.

Stellium's belief is deeply rooted in the idea that, for us to be successful, everyone around us must also achieve their objectives and results. Our success is measured by the success of our clients, our employees and our partners.

We believe that collaboration and transparency are key for the success of any mission, that is why we always put your company first and never deviate from your organization’s best interests for the sake of someone else’s. Our business is your business!

At Stellium, we have strong commitments:

  •  We don't tell fairy tales, we are transparent and we never lie, we are not afraid to speak our mind.

  • We never settle and we never give up for the success of our missions

  • We don't deceive, success is measured by the satisfaction of our client and crew

  • We are not integrators, we shape solutions tailored to your needs

  • We are not operators, we are creators. 

We expand our workforce and offer to fullfill any client needs.

Founded in Switzerland in 2020, with the ambition of being a real differentiator in tailored IT Consulting, Stellium expanded quickly.


In 2021, new offices opened in Portugal, bringing more capacity and flexibility to our offering, as well as competitive rates to the market.

Etienne Marie, CEO
IT Strategy Advisor
Tiago Duarte, CTO
Enterprise Architect
Ivan Boscolo, COO
Enterprise Architect
JoãoBranco_website_headshot copy.png
João Branco
Lisbon Branch Director
Jaimé Seita
Cloud Adoption Manager
Fabien Vettori
Senior Cloud Developer
Tarik Boussekine
Marketing Manager
Fatih Ozgen
Junior Accountant
Miguel Teixeira
Junior Cloud Developer
Guillaume Gouninet
Cloud Applications Consultant
Melia Fellmann
Junior HR Coordinator
Eduardo Cardoso
Senior Cloud Developer 
David Mateus 
Senior Solution Architect
Rafael Santos
Senior Cloud Engineer
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Stellium SA (Headquarters)

Av. Reverdil 2, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

Stellium PT

Campo Grande, 28 10.B
1700-093 Lisboa, Portugal