Identity & Security

Our identity driven security approach, protects your digital assets anywhere, anytime.

Federated Identity & SSO

Avoid the proliferation of identities and passwords by having a single identity to seamlessly access applications inside and outside your organization.

How can we help you?

  • Federate Office 365 with your enterprise's user identity systems using different synchronization options;

  • Eliminate the use of passwords by implementing biometric-based authentication;

  • Migrate your ADFS (or any federation authority on-premise) to the cloud while ensuring a seamless access to your current applications;

  • Migrate application's legacy based authentication to modern claims-based compliant with today's most common federation requirements;

  • Federate your organization's applications to any identity provider on-premise or in the cloud;

  • Build tailored modern identity providers on top of any user directory systems.


Identity & Data Protection

In a universe of SaaS applications, your organization's firewall is not anymore the security perimeter. Apply embedded security to identities and data across boundaries. 

How can we help you?

  • Analyze your organization's security posture and identify vulnerabilities in your environment;

  • Adapt your security policies to today's required standards and threat protection; 

  • Detect attacks to your identities in real-time and proactively define remediation countermeasures;

  • Discover and categorize your information using common patterns to classify its sensitivity level and implement protection strategies;

  • Apply protection measures to structured and unstructured information regardless of how, and to whom it is shared;

  • Protect your corporate email and brand from impersonation and phishing attacks with both built-in and advanced threat detection technologies;

  • Continuously monitor your organization data by having a 360° degree holistic view of all the information being shared inside and outside of your organization.


Device Management

Monitor, manage and control your employee's business devices, and protect corporate information on personal ones, while ensuring a seamless user experience.

How can we help you?

  • Centrally provision and configure operating systems and applications, to deploy consistent policies across all your managed devices;

  • Isolate your personal and corporate data inside managed and unmanaged devices, and keep control of your company's digital assets by setting rules and monitoring policies;

  • Perform full remote operations (e.g. wipe the device's data) on corporate devices;

  • Keep control of corporate data on your employee's personal devices (BYOD).


Access Policies

Define your access management governance for your internal and external identities, and apply automated and intelligent gates to your applications.

How can we help you?

  • Analyze your organization's application's access patterns and business sensitivity to define an authorization governance strategy;

  • Create pre-defined access packages and provide self-service capabilities to your internal and external users;

  • Implement intelligent conditional access policies based on static or dynamic conditions (e.g. allowing only managed devices) to grant access to your services and applications;

  • Perform automated reviews to audit your application's accesses and remove unnecessary permissions;

  • Control how you invite external parties (B2B) to collaborate, and preemptively assign permissions.

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